formating external hdd, renoves rating of files

Hello, I have a problem here and need some help.I have thousands of songs, movies on my main drive(btrfs) and all of them are rated(with the stars counter) on nautilus.I tried formatting an external wd hd, in ntfs, ext4, and btrfs to transfer my songs, but on all formats, my ratings are lost.Gave all permissions on all files, but nothing changed.How can I transfer them to an external hd without losing ratings of media files?

Ratings in Nautilus ??
Ratings are not file attributes AFAIK.
Could you please elaborate ?

Perhaps Nautilus stores the ratings as an extended (user) file attribute?

…but that is a pure guess … and we don’t really approve of those :slight_smile:

oops I’m really sorry, I meant dolphin:(I’m on kde.

The ratings you’re referring to are for individual files incl. their path. Moved or copied files are unknown to this rating system

thanks for the response, so there is no way to transfer the ratings too.That means a lot of work to re-rate all of them then:(