Forcing louder volume?

Some audio isn’t playing as loud as I would like it to. My monitor’s volume is set to 100%, and in the PulseAudio applet I have the output PCM volume set to 100% and I have the master volume of the application set at 100%. Is there any way to make it louder, because I know my headphones can go produce louder sound than what I’m currently hearing while listing to certain audio.

I was searching through old posts on sound to see if they had been addressed and stumbled across yours. Have you had any luck solving this yet?

I have the same problem. I’ve installed OpenSuse 11.2 on my Dell D830 laptop and sounds in movies are much less louder than they were in Windows…

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Please go to yast > hardware > sound and under “other” > volume move the volume up to 100%.

Then close yast.

Next go to your mixer and ensure pcm , master, and speaker (if that control is present) volume are moved up high.

Does that help?