Force Open VPN connection for Chromium and Qbittorrent

I am wanting to force my pc to only connect via Open VPN connection. I have noticed that at times the VPN drops out, and I am then unprotected.

Question - How do I force my pc to only connect to the internet via an Open VPN connection?
I am a beginner linux dude! Step by step would be good.

In particular I have two programs that I would like to protect 1) Chromium 2) Qbittorrent

If you have any ideas I’d really like to hear from you. Thanks

Opensuse 12.3
XFCE and lovin it!

You start with describing exactly what you have setup now.
For example, I’ve seen many ways to setup OpenVPN, from the oss repos, from a commercial VPN provider.

Then for each way you might have installed packages, you can invoke your VPN a number of ways… From a console, from Network Manager (or similar).

And, of course you’ll have to describe what you’re connecting to… your own VPN server, a company VPN Server, a VPN service, etc.

You might also try to capture the reason for your VPN drops, eg immediately after noticing,

tail /var/log/messages



I set up via the OpenVPN oss repos, and am using the network manager for the connection.

Also am connecting to a VPN service provider. (Ibvpn)

If your able to suggest how to invoke VPN via the Network Manager that would be grand!
Thanks TSU

Have you read this guide?

(Specifically sections 25.3 and 25.6)

I have a VPN configured for work-related connectivity (albeit using PPTP). Configuring via Network Manager is not difficult.


Could you check that link you sent TSU? It doesn’t work.

It does sound like what I’m after.

Could you resend the link/address of the guide please?



Sorry, linked to this thread by mistake. You want this:

openSUSE 12.3: Chapter 25. Using NetworkManager

Although I’m not running XFCE at the moment, IIRC Network Manager runs nearly the same on every Desktop.
After opening Network Manager, you should see a VPN tab. Click on that, and create a new VPN configuration, selecting OpenVPN as the VPN technology, specifying the certificate to be used, the VPN service URL and providing your credentials. After that, you should have a connection which can be invoked at any time by clicking on it.

Although it’s unlikely that any VPN provider would implement OpenVPN is some non-standard way, does your VPN provider provide documentation how they recommend connecting?

Although creating a Network Manager VPN connection should be fairly straightforward, am curious where you may have gotten libvpn and exactly how you think you may be using it… AFAIK it’s not part of the main openSUSE repos in any way (even source). is this something provided by your VPN provider?


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