Force KDE to open file not download it

I have multimedia files stored on my main PC, shared using Samba.

The problem is that if I try to open any file using mplayer, KDE starts downloading it (and after the download is done, it actually opens the file).

How do I stop this behaviour? Mplayer works fine with samba, but I’m sick of running it from terminal and writing the filename manualy.

So, in short you are accessing multimedia files on a separate computer through a samba share and you want KDE to stop downloading the file before playing it?

Unfortunately, this is impossible; in order for your media player to play the file, it has to have a copy of the file stored in a buffer, therefore it has to download. The only way I can think of for you to not have to download the file prior to playing is 1) have a copy of the multimedia file on your remote machine (defeats the purpose of having a samba server though) or 2) set your main machine up to stream the music over the network.

If I guessed what you were trying to do incorrectly, please specify. :wink:

If I guessed what you were trying to do incorrectly, please specify.

Not sure, I really don’t understand your reasoning.

Yes, I have a main computer + serveral notebooks. The problem is with the notebooks, when they try to play multimedia files on SAMBA shares.

Kaffeine and Drago player work correctly, they simply open the file over samba and start playing. Mplayer accepts smb URI as file path, but for some reason KDE insists on copying the file before it is played (which means that I can’t play some files at all because I don’t have enough free space).

I think you are confusing what KDE is; Kaffeine is a KDE application which does what you want. KDE is an environment; it is possible that you do not have File Associations set for the files you want to access. So KDE does not know that it should hand access immediately to Kaffeine.

Never mind, I have figured it out myself. Apparently there are two different file name parameters for file associations %F which obviously means local file and %U which is URI.

Originally mplayer was associated as mplayer %F, changing into mplayer %U solves the problem. Instead of file, mplayer gets the URI and plays the file.

No more stupid downloading.

Thx for the ideas anyway…

Great you solved it.