force default

Hello folks. Can anyone tell me how to force the login screen to default to one GUI? I like to play with kde4 and gnome, but use 3 for work. The kids and wife are used to 3 and I would like the login screen to default to kde3 every time and for me to have to change it for anything else.

Don’t you mean default to One Desktop environment? kde3 / kde4

If you login with kde3
the next time you login it will be kde3 (unless you change it manually)
so it should already be doing what I think you are asking

So what you are saying is that regardles of what I was last logged on to, if anyone else logs in it will default to what they were using last time they were on? If that’s the case; all good. That’s what I need. Thanks.:slight_smile:

I assume you are NOT auto login
You get the login screen and enter your username and password

So, yes - by default from install suse does as I said and will login to the previously used desktop.

You could always have a separate user login for other family members. It would save you having to change it back before you leave say a kde4 session.