for those not dual booting

i’m curious about the reasons everyone else switched to pure suse. i switched because my ex destroyed the entire windows side of my dual boot, including the drivers, how i don’t know. went on a training excercise for work for a week left the computer with her and come back to find the entire windows partition destroyed.

seems like a good reason to breakup.

RichardET wrote:
> seems like a good reason to breakup.
Or give her a computer of her own so she doesn’t mess up yours.

it did to me too^_^

well now…honestly. i don’t know like anything about linux but i do know how to dual boot and select the windows option…and in windows it is quite hard to delete all of windows. and of course his backup disc for windows isn’t with him. but honestly…i would like to know how you delete all of windows if you don’t know how to operate linux.

She doesn’t need her own computer but entreatos seems to need to know the use of limited accounts in windows :nerd::stuck_out_tongue:

Caldera went down the pan and it was the best distro at the time; however, I continued dual-booting, as I had with Caldera, until I had got the hang of mysql and felt confident to abandon dBASE.

In pretty well every other area I used Linux from the outset.

Smart girl.

I have always been dual booting, at the moment it’s openSUSE 11.1 and openSUSE 11.1 (i586 and x86_64).

This brings back memories. My wife and I (when we were still live-in boy-friend/girl-friend) started out with one desktop PC. It had an MS-Windows boot partition and a Linux boot partition. I unfortunately had a few work related applications that required MS-Windows, so it was still necessary for me to use the MS-Windows on occasion, and we shared that partition. My wife used the MS-Windows boot partition all the time. (She does not like Linux, although she does know a bit about it).

A 1/2 dozen times, I came home, and my wife would be upset because the MS-Windows boot partition would not run properly, and she did NOT want to use Linux. And of course, I could not run the work specific apps because she had broken the Windows boot or broken some other executing aspect specific to MS-Windows. So I would end up spending a few hours in the evening, fixing what she had done to the Windows partition. Of course, I am pathetic with MS-Windows, which is why it took me so long.

So then I got smart (or so I thought) and I then put 3 boot partitions on the PC. My Linux boot partition, and two MS-Windows partitions, where one MS-Windows boot partition was for her, and the other MS-Windows boot partition for me and me my few critical work related applications. Well that did not work. I would come home and find both MS-Windows boot partitions broken. She would first break hers, and then while waiting for me to come home and fix it, she would then break my MS-Windows boot. And of course, me being pathetic with MS-Windows, it would take me twice as long to fix, and so I would not get much sleep that night.

At the office they used to laugh at my stories, and call this "The partition wars! ".

So we purchased a second PC. One for her. One for me. Of course she would break that PC, move to my PC, and break it !! So we purchased a 3rd PC, and I ensured she did NOT have access to the 3rd PC. …

But IMHO PCs are inexpensive compared to the pain of a broken relationship. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’s a good thing to keep your wife on Windows, she makes a good case against Windows and for Linux. :slight_smile:

I have a friend whose company once complained that every business they partnered with went belly-up (somehow they survive). I jokingly asked if they could partner M$. Unfortunately they are too small. :frowning:

> i’m curious about the reasons everyone else switched to pure suse.

i decided to switch from pure OS/2 Warp to pure Linux because i could
no longer take not having access to all the ‘new stuff’ coming to the
web (in the late '90s when the explosive growth began)…

for a while i had two different machines, one i depended on running
Warp, and one to learn on running RH 6 (or 7)…

since i’d never dual booted M$ and Warp (having left Win3.1 for OS/2 v
3.0) i could see no need to begin…then i jumped to pure SuSE at

not sure, but i think i last depended on OS/2 in about mid to late
2000…seems like yesterday.


my ex was less smart more vindictive @brucecadieux

and now it is multiple pc’s. multiple seperated users and permissions. as well as i am currently teaching my wife(MissKittyKat21) how to operate and maintain suse while i’m deployed, god bless her, and she is doing very well^_^ so i think all the bases are covered now@oldcpu

harsh. i still don’t get how you can do that…i don’t know. maybe i am just smart enough not to delete system files or maybe it is because i also know how to reformat and reinstall operating systems i wouldn’t need the help but that seems like a lot of work. why not teach your wife how to fix it? i mean that would be a logical step. but at least ya didn’t divorce her over it. :nerd:

and as far as doing very good…i dunno…i at least know how to reinstall it when it crashes. and you let me on your linux thingie even though i knew nothing about it. and i didn’t crash it O:) …at least not all the time. well i think i just crashed kaffiene. but i didn’t destroy the system…send home your second harddrive and i can have windows installed and set up in a couple hours. and it isn’t fair that the only two people i know who use linux are too far to call and have come over.

Indeed, you are correct, … teaching is the logical step. Of course, given I left windows 10 years ago, at the time my knowledge was not much better than her’s, and other than a stubborn streak in me that made me keep trying (and not give up so easily), I can not say that my practical knowledge of MS-Windows was any better - although my theoretical knowledge of computers and computers standards has always been significantly superior (but that theory does not always help). Hence I was not exactly the most knowledgeable person to teach (my knowledge of MS-Windows has always been pathetic).

Anyway, that was all 8 to 9 years ago. She now knows way more than I about MS-Windows, and she rarely asks for my assistance now, and when she does, it is more for computer theory, and she applies all the practical to MS-Windows. In fact, the 3rd PC purchase was likely unnecessary, as the occasions in which she devasted two PCs on the same day became less and less, and its been at least 2 years since the last time she trashed her winXP.

2 PCs here, one solely openSUSE (destroyd all of Vista by installing openSUSE using the whole disk, never booted Vista at all)).

The other (my wifes’) still has an XP partition, not used for about two years.

In my case I was using the Linux side more more than the windows side,about 99.9% : 0.01%. Then on May 20, 2007 I just wiped off the Windows side. Then I used PCLOS from that date until Jul 20,2007 when I installed Suse 10.2 & have been that way since. So for me it was Windows Disuse;)
Miss Kitty,
IIRC,I destroyed my Windows setup by deleting one of the System32 folders. It’s been so long I don’t remember which or where. I was able to access it though because it I had the View All Hidden Files and Folders box checked.

Hehe, oldcpu You made my day with that story of Your life rotfl!

I setup computer for my mother (which had Windows on it) to boot only openSUSE and what i did is i configured it to autologin and i didn’t give her any passwords :slight_smile: Anything breaks then i fix it remotely as i live far away :slight_smile:
So no headache for me. But boy i thought i’ll kill myself when teaching her simple basics as click the button (“what’s click?”, “what’s button?”), after using Skype for over a month i tell her to turn on Skype (“what’s skype?”).

Ehhhhh, never buy a computer to your parents, it will be greater pain to teach them than to live with their complaining about not having a PC lol!

Reminds me of:

Keep Your Parents Off the Internet


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