for Swerdna

Hi Swerdna

you have always providd an excellent guide on your website for networking between windows and opensuse

Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network

There is currently no guide for Opensuse 11.0 (KDE 4)

but they appear to be similar enough that this guide can be followed.

However - I have run into several problems.

In dolphin - if I try to share a folder it tells me that I cannot due to an error (I forget the exact error) but when I go into konqueror it shows that the folder is already shared.

I can reach the opensuse computer from the XP computer but not the other way round.
Have disabled the firewall on both computers.

Going into Samba shares on the suse computer says that it could not connect to the Samba server???

Could be time for a new updated guide when you get the chance// :slight_smile:

oh, I should have mentioned that adding a home network also added about 50 seconds to the boot time - not sure exactly which part of what I did added to this boot time - but never saw anything like that in 10.3

KDE4 is the problem. I tried with the factory repo to update it – I acn’t get it to network whwreas KDE3.5x and Gnome are fine.

I’m away from home for the weekend – maybe next week I try the 4.1 upgrade and see if the KDE apps allow me to get around better. There’s nothing wrong with the underlying networking. The problem is in KDE4’s interfaces; e.g. so far I can’t edit smb.conf.

( so I’m a bit distracted :smiley:

Don’t spill your drink and slip on the marble floor! We need you around a bit longer, at least until we bed KDE4 down(under). How old you say you were?

I never mix alcohol and work.

You’ll find the time flies much faster if you do… :smiley:

@else_where: Absolutely nothing passes my lips before noon!

@farcusnz: I installed KDE4 again and upgraded it to 4.1 beta (or whatever is in the opensuse factory repo). KDE behaves much better and the networking is configurable as described in my howto that you referenced. Admittedly I would need to vary terminology to include Dolphin and so on – and I’ll get round to that – but you can use the howto confidently in KDE4 provided you upgrade KDE4 – and ask questions if you need.