For interest sake - Samba

Hi Everyone,
Just for interest sake, im running openSUSE 11 as a file server (samba) on our network for backups. I suspected one of our staffs data could possibly have a virus that could affect the rest of our computers which is mostly a windows network. That data resides on the openSUSE machine. So I was wondering how I would go about scanning the Linux machine for virusses. So I downloaded Stinger which is a Virus Scanning utility from McAfee. It can be downloaded from McAfee Threat Center The file is a windows executable, so after I downloaded the file, I opened it up with wine, set my preferences to delete the virus, selected the path, and fired away. I was scanning my Linux machine for a possible virus that came from my windows users. It works like a dream.

Well, by the way, my Linux box was virus free, so I wasted my time by scanning the machine.

Hope there is some of you that would find this info useful



You could have used antivir or clamav. They’re both native linux programs. I’ve used antivir on Windows and linux; it does what it should do, and does it in the background as long as there’s no need to inform you.
Mind: these problems always come from the windo-side.