For info: Suse 11.2, KDE4.3.3 needs Opera 10.10b

Hi, the Suse 11.2/KDE 4.3.3 combination is fabulous. However, for some reason, Opera 10.01 utilises one CPU at 100%. This has been flagged on both Opera and Linux forums but has never before happened to me in Suse 10 through to 11.1. A workaround is to download beta Opera 10.10b from Opera.
A completely unrelated issue for me was that Yast Software Manager produced errors for some reason. I needed to rebuild the database with rpm --rebuilddb (plus run zypper ref and zypper ve to check everything was ok).
No other problems and I am really enjoying the new features (particularly that PDF files now open with Okular instead of GIMP in some circumstances!)

As openSUSEE 11.2 is the current release, this should not be in Pre-Release/Beta. I think Applications would be the right sub-forum to get more attention to your thread.