For an Xfce expert — system updates are full screen

And it stops us from getting to a separate desktop or anything else. I can’t find an icon on the upper right that will minimize it or bring it to a normal size. Actually, the upper right window icons don’t do much of anything.
Another Linux dummy question.

This is also happening on MATE desktop - kind of annoying. Does not matter if lightdm or gdm desktop.

What system update?
Is this the yast2 system update?

When you are on that window, try Alt-F10
See the pop-up on the side of the window
click exit fullscreen

Hi, Bill:
I am not sure I understand what you are talking about, here. Not quite coming through in my grey matter.:stuck_out_tongue:

Back up, tell us what is done before this “system updates are full screen”.

Are you going into Yast and using the Software Updater, for example?

If so, can you Alt-Tab away from it?

Can you click on the icon in the top left corner of the window and there choose Resize Window? Or, any of the other options?

You might be a lot happier if you were to use the CLI for system updating, though.


su -
zypper up

The “Software Updates” panel popup that says you have “X updates” click to do the updates - you click on it and it is full screen. It used to be a smaller window - resizing only works once - it is full screen on the next click on. It exists on MATE and XFCE - not sure it is in Gnome 3 or KDE.

I normally uninstall it after installing xfce in opensuse, I prefer to use the yast2 or zypper.
Just to try because of this thread I install it a while ago.

Here on leap 15 it opens in maximize mode, if I right-click my mouse I can choose un-maximize it.
If I choose to make it full-screen and want to exit full-screen mode I just hit the Alt-F10 keys then a
pop-up appears in the side of the screen where I can select to exit the full-screen.

Hope this help.

Not using YaST.

When system indicates updates in/on the task bar(usually a red star), I(we) click it, and the update screen immediately goes to full screen mode. The upper right icons don’t minimize or do much of any thing to control the window size. Sorry haven’t looked at the upper left icon(s) but will.

Having read this thread I see there are a couple of ways to get it out of full screen. I will try them next time.

My wife is using that laptop until I can get Leap on hers, so if zypper up I will have to do it.

CLI? Where, how find it?

Okay, understood. Will watch as you try above suggestions, let us know.

CLI? Where, how find it?

CLI = Command Line Interface, or probably best known to you as “The Terminal”, as in Xfce Terminal in the menu.
When you supply the above

su -

(note the minus sign) it will prompt for the root pw, because updates will be done as root.
BTW: I only update my machines once a week.
I also back up my data once a week.