Fontsize for printing in KMail2

I had that problem for ages, always googled different attempts, solutions,
ideas, but nothing really works for me. Maybe someone here can give me a
hint ?

Using KMail2 under KDE-4.8.1 (but certainly not limited to any specific
version) I have to print an email now and then. Outgoing and incoming
The print works, no problem, but KMail seems to have a problem with the
fonts: the printed content is horribly small and I cannot find any
configuration switch in increase the font for printing.
I suspect few people actually realize that problem, since the font most
likely simply appears in a reasonable size for most people. However I use
very small font sizes in KDE cause I have good eyes and a big monitor. So
maybe only people with an equal setup realize the problem.

Thanks for any hint :slight_smile:


Hi arkascha. What printer are you usiing when you encounter this, and what printerdriver. Often the printout is a limitation of the printer-driver (especially if a proprietary driver is used).