Fonts rendering in OpenSUSE

Hello All!

I’m new to OpenSuse. I’m use Ubuntu before.
I try OpenSUSE 13.1 RC1 KDE and my question is How I can do fonts like in Ubuntu?
My be exists ubuntu fonts patch, freetype patch etc?
Thank you!

If you want to use the Ubuntu fonts you’ll need to download them from

To make them available to all users:

as root, create a “ubuntu” folder below


Then unzip the font-file file and copy all *.ttf files to


Or for a single user just copy (as user, not root) the *.tff files to


Hello and welcom here.

It seems that you got an answer that is more or less independant from the openSUSE version. which is fine. But please note that openSUSE 13.1 is not released and those testing it should post their questions/remarks in the Pre-Release/Beta forum.

There’s a couple of things you can do:
Systemsettings - Program appearance - Fonts
Play around with the anti-aliasing settings.

Thank you.
I’m not about Ubuntu fonts, I say about fonts rendering. May be this is not final release and fonts looks ugly. I play with antialiasing - not so good like in Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Try these settings

Could try Infinality
Writeup here How to quickly configure superb subpixel hinted smooth fonts for openSUSE 12.3 |

It’s subjective though… :wink:

These fonts are known to cause issues in LOffice and other apps.
Been there - done that
I removed them LOL

I found the same issue. I would not recommend it.

See these articles:

How to Fix bad font display in KDE and OpenSuSE 13.1 RC 1 ? | Going GNU
OpenSUSE 13.1 LCD-display [solved] |

I followed these instructions and the fonts do look much better - however, now I’m getting some strange character spacing. Mostly, I see characters overlay preceding digits. And it happens on two different systems - oS12.3/KDE4.10.5/nVidia and oS13.1/KDE4.11.2/Intel graphics.

Anyone else seeing this?

can somebody tell me the font used here in this opensuse 13.1 example from the wiki. its clearly different from the default font and im interested to use this one

File:Configure KDE 13.1.png - openSUSE


It looks like standard Sans to me

Looks like the default to me - which is Dejavu Sans I believe.

You might just need to adjust your anti-aliasing settings if yours looks different.

If you want something more compact then Droid Sans is a good choice.


Just wait for the Muzlocker’s font repo for 13.1. That pretty much makes the fonts on openSUSE look best than on any distro I used.

it is dejavu sans thanks. this wasnt default on my installation, which was sans serif. dejavu sans is less condensed which i prefer.

i find i get very acceptable results on my t61 by setting lcdfilter to lcdnone.

And that will be when? I like Opensuse 13.1 (first time I was successful installing any version of Opensuse). However, the ugly font rendering is a deal breaker that would and has sent me back to Xubuntu 13.10, for now.

Opensuse has many advantages that I really like. The font issue is not one of them. :frowning:

let me turn that question round and ask what is different in kubuntu that makes the fonts render differently? i mean they both use kde. i dont know the answer to this, but im thinking if kubuntu has great fonts out of the box and opensuse doesnt, what can be done in opensuse to mirror it

EDIT, i read xubuntu as kubuntu. sorry.

NP. There is a HUGE difference between Ubuntu & Opensuse re: font rendering upon installation. I’m not quite sure what the folks at Opensuse are thinking, but Ubuntu is light years ahead of them on this issue.

this will solve your problems