fonts installation

i am using suse 13.1, while using facebook my name is displaying as boxes, i have used different language that is not installed in my system, in WINDOWS that font is names as ‘RAVI’…
how can i install font in suse13.1

You’re using KDE, right?

You can install fonts either in KDE’s Systemsettings (aka. “Configure Desktop”)->System Administration->Font Manager, or by just opening a font file in dolphin. It’s possible to install them system-wide (you need to provide the root password for that) or only for your user.

It should be possible to just install that Windows font this way, you should be able to find it in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, on Windows XP at least.

I’m not familiar with that font but by the sound of it, it might be an Indian font?

If you are using KDE, press ALT+F2 and then type Apper into the box. This will launch an application that you can use to install files - then type indic to find Indian fonts.

If you have the font files available on your local drive, you can do the same ALT+F2 trick but this time write Font into the box and it will offer you font management - click Add and locate the font files to install.