Fonts in YAST and OpenOffice

HI! I’ve installed OpenSuSe 11.1.
Set locale settings Russian. Thats ok. But after setting fonts in KDE smaller, all applications obeyed except YAST and OpenOffice (menu fonts). They are still HUGE!!
Btw copied .kde folder from /home/username to /root/ to accept fonts settings to root, still no changes. help plz. thx

Read this about graphical root login! : SDB:Graphical Login as Root - openSUSE.
Are you tried to change your font settings in OOo?
ps.:IMHO copying user’s .kde folder into /root/ isn’t a very good indea…

thx, i’ve read an article, still how to set up normal fonts in openoffice and in yast??

in openoffice I’ve marked an option ‘use system fonts for menu’, still no changes. help plz.