Fonts in Firefox issue

13.2 KDE _64

Subpixel fonts added. Tried different repos for that.
Only affects this machine
Other distros such as Ubuntu on the same machine are also fine

See the strange hue to the fonts in firefox and some distortion



Is it image site that distorts or you have some zooming going on?

I took same screenshot from here, opened them in one tab.

Firefox on top, then Chrome and then mine taken from Firefox.

The issue originates on my machine, normal view.

On 03/01/2015 03:16 PM, caf4926 wrote:
> The issue originates on my machine, normal view.

I had similar problems in GIMP when using subpixel so I just stopped
using it and relied on KDE System Settings to configure the sub-pixel

openSUSE Factory 64 bit
KDE 4.14.1

Could it be that openSUSE is not using the monitor’s native resolution?

It looks fine
If that were the case, the problem would be much more widespread than Firefox and in fact I notice Libre Office too
It may be a GTK thing?