Fonts defaulting to sans serif upon update to latest kde 4.1

Hi, guys!

I was suprised yesterday by the now-famous greyish chekerboard, but after a quick look through this forum, I was able to find the solution, and got my desktop back. I also understand that the ability to check the wallpaper is coming soon, so I will be patient with this.

However, one other issue still bothers me. I used to have the system use the Liberation Sans font, which really looks good. Now, although it still appears selected in the Fonts configuration panel, I get everything in sans serif, which is kinda uglyish… I checked with qt4 settings, and Liberation sans is selected there too, and shows properly. It also shows properly in GTK applications, so I am sure I have it installed.

I have also tried to change fonts, and it does not work. Alas, I cannot currently investigate if this is filed as a bug or not, so I apologize, if someone finds this posting redundant.

Only in KDE4 applications does the font not appear correctly, and I cannot figure out why. I am using OpenSuse 11.0, and have enabled the KDE4 factory repositories, and I have also added the Qt44 repository as suggested by other posts on this forum.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance!