fonts are huge

Hello all,

I finally took the plunge and installed openSUSE 11(gnome) on my (dell d830) laptop. I have a DELL 2407 monitor plugged into the docking station.

When my laptop is not docked, the fonts look normal, however, when I plug the laptop into the docking station, my fonts become HUGE.

In SaX2, I have Dual Head Mode enabled with the proper resolution of 1920x1200 in clone mode.

I have a dell 820 laptop that I installed the system on after, and the fonts are correct. The D830 has nVidia Quadro NVS 135 M.

Any idea why the fonts are appearing so large? In the Fonts section, the fonts are the same size on both laptops.

Weird, something led me to the “Details” in the fonts setting and the DPI was set to 145, this was after the first patch after initial install.

I set this back to 98, which is what the other laptop is set to, and all looks fine.

is there a way to mark this closed?