font too small on large screen (led tv)

I’ve attached my opensuse 12.1 desktop to a hd let tv. At first the font was to tiny to be easy readable. I then found a solution that works for most of the fonts: adding -dpi 120 to DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_LOCALARGS in /etc/sysconfigeditor.

I have still 1 issue where the font is still to small. When I click any of the logout/shutdown/…/restart button in kde, a dialog appears with a timer to logout/shutdown/…/restart automatically after 30 secons. The problem is, the text of these dialogs has not changed after the dpi 120 setting and is too small to be readable from a reasonable distance. How can I change the size of these fonts?

Changing the fontsizes in kde control panel doesn’t seem to affect it neither…

Make sure you don’t have an excluded range in anti-aliasing config

I checked in kde-control panel -> font -> anti aliasing and I didn’t have an exluded range…

dpi 120
I never used this setting

And it’s an area I never delved in before