Font Settings in Konsole (openSUSE 11.3, KDE4.4.4)


Whenever I open a Konsole via the control panel widget the font in the console window is Monospace 8. Increasing the font via settings remains in place only for the time the window is active. When opening Konsole again the font is set to tiny Monospace 8 again.

I have checked the settings in the *.profile files in ~ /.kde4/share/apps/konsole. They all contain my preferred font. Still, Monospace 8 comes up. Where else should I look. I have checked all *.rc files too, that are related to konsole.

It’s not a big problem but it is still bothering me. ;-))

Cheers and regardss.


I tried to change the font on my 11.3 KDE 4.4.4 i586 box and I am not experiencing the same problem. Can you let me know your preferred font and see if I have the same problem? Also another thing to try is to do:

mv ~/.kde4/share/apps/konsole/Shell.profile ~/.kde4/share/apps/konsole/Shell.profile.old

Then close konsole open it again change font then close it and open it and see whether you experience the same problem