Font setting and gtk apps in KDE

How do I specify system-wide font settings? I’m using a .fonts.conf in my home directory, but this doesn’t work for everything (YaST, for example).

The specific setting that I’m looking to make system-wide is:

 <match target="font" >
  <edit mode="assign" name="autohint" >

Is there any way to tell gtk apps to ignore my KDE icon theme and just use the default Gnome one instead? Firefox seems to take on a half-crystal icon theme, with icons looking as if they’ve come from various places.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

No suggestions?

Are you using suse 11.0 ??

You are right that GTK apps are not controlled by the font settings in “Personal Settings” but to my knowledge yast is qt not gtk. I don’t have any trouble changing my fonts in 11.0 using the font settings, but if you are using an earlier version someone else will have to help you.

The only font problems I have had were in FF3 (which is GTK) and I had to learn some scripts to insert into a couple of chrome.css files in my FF profile to make it happen.

In fact, it got so frustrating I downloaded Opera and it renders the fonts much, much better.