Font problem on Paypal website

I am having problems were both Firefox and Opera display an Asian font. Konqueror displays the page fine. Is there a way to search for damaged fonts?

By the way, the page displays fine in my wife’s account in both Firefox and Opera.

I get this;


Instead of this;

Please make sure you enter your email address and password correctly.

Forgot to mention 11.1, KDE 4.1.3

Ok, I’ve tried

sudo fonts-config



I reset the fonts in Firefox and Opera, cleared the cache in both. The problem also affects Kmail. Any Paypal email displays in a foreign character. The odd thing is that parts of the page are in English.

Such as 版权所有© 1999-2009 PayPal。保留所有权利。

When installing fonts you’re asked if you want them to be available System wide or just for the current user.

As your wife’s account works you might want to check if she has any ‘personal fonts’ installed.
You can do this by going to Desktop settings (KDE “start” menu, under favourites by default) and then going to Fonts.
In the dropdown box select Personal fonts.

If there are any fonts showing up you’ll need to install those under your own account as well, or reinstall that font system wide.

Thanks for the tips . . . turns out it is application specific. If I rename my opera and firefox profiles, the font problem goes away. I tried clearing the caches but that didn’t solve it. I wonder where they store the font information.

Off to solve my other issues . . .