followed virtualbox instructs and can't get it working

  1. did repo install thru Yast of virtualbox ose Yast said success
  2. click it in menu has bouncing cursor then nothing
  3. followed initialization instructions
    3a) /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
    virtualbox kernel stopped
    recompiling virtualbox kernel module, NOT. It has been packaged.
    virtualbox kernel started
    Doc says it will give warning about USB not loaded but it didn’t
  4. modprobe vboxdrv does nothing
  5. groupmod --adduser rick vboxusers gives no errors just returns so presumed ok
  6. reboot system
  7. try virtualbox from menu and again just bouncing cursor then nothing
  8. dmesg|grep vbox
    vboxadd: virtualbox pci not found
    vboxvfs: unknown symbol vboxadd_cmc_open
    vboxvfs: unknown symbol vboxadd_cmc_ctl_guest_filter_mask
    vboxvfs: unknown symbol vboxadd_cmc_call
    vboxvfs: unknown symbol RTAssertDoBreakpoint
    vboxvfs: unknown symbol vboxadd_cmc_close
    Trying to deactivate NMI watchdog permanently…
    vboxdrv: success
    found 2 process cores
    successfully loaded 2.0.6_ose (interface 0x00090000)
    Trying to deactivate NMI watchdog permanently…
    vboxdrv: Success

according to documentation vbox should be up as GUI allowing config of guest but nothing.

so does anyone have correct instructions cause this appears that there many steps which are not done.

Found the trouble…
When virtualbox was installed by yast it put back the ivp6 entries. Took them out again and the virtualbox functions great now.

This ivp6 is getting quite annoying! Seems it prevents wlan, printers, and now virtualbox.