folders and vsftpd

I have a vsftp and I have been doing things on several accounts, now I have alot of folders where some folders are locked for others.
Is there someway to change a directory and all subdirectories easy (owner, group, other, chmod)?

I have also got a problem after adding chroot to my vsftp, now I can barely move in the subdirectories of the home directory of those accounts, correcting the first problem might correct the 2nd. (1 account can’t get on vsftp becouse of the home directory is locked somehow, even though that account is set to be the owner of that folder)

chmod, chown and chgrp take the -R (recursive) option which means all subdirectories. If you want to make yourself own all the objects, you could do:

chown -R fris86:users /path/to/vsftpd/folder

If there’s only one of you, why are you using all those accounts?

several testings of permissions, access folders and not access folder for future developement… or something like that

got all folders and files to how i want them, thanks…

still working on few more problems that showed up, will write again if I can’t fix it

corrected more problems… a reset of the firewall helped.

next is the anonymouse account, i can get on with internet explore from another computer, but all folder (but 1) is locked and i can’t seem to find the problem.
tried with filezilla instead, it comes with this error:
226 Transfer done (but failed to open directory).