Folder View desktop does not work after logoff/shutdown

I use KDE 4.3 on 11.2 and notice whenever I log in I cannot access my desktop. I use the folder view setting and I cannot drag items from Dolphin/Firefox/etc. onto the desktop. I can restore this functionality to the desktop after setting it to display the home folder and then switch it back to desktop.

Is anyone else having this problem?

AFAIK it’s a design feature; the folder view is a widget that accesses a particular location on your filesystem whereas Dolphin is a file manager.

If you want to move things into the Desktop folder, open the Desktop folder in Dolphin rather than the folder view - or create a separate folder into which you put all the things you want in the desktop folder and point it to that folder rather than the Desktop folder.

There is a difference I think between having a folder view widget on the containment desktop and the pure folder view desktop selected in desktop settings
Try the Folder View desktop from right click on the desktop - settings…

The problem is present in both methods. The only remedy to it is changing the directory to something that has folders and files and then switching it back.

Odd seems to work here.

How do you have Plasma configured? I have different activity checked.