folder /usr/share/java/vuze is not writable error

Gone through there wiki but didnt understand this issue how to resolve it says future update is not possible

SUSE Paste

plz help me to resolve this stuff

thanks in advance !

Why use vuze when you have stuff like transmission(GNOME),ktorrent(KDE) come pre-installed on openSUSE ?
How did you install vuze ?

vazhavandan - I used vuze for awhile when it was the only torrent client which would work through a vpn. Today, several do not have that problem although Deluge still does. Vuze today is big and heavy but does still have a wide variety of features you won’t find in any ordinary torrent client.

nilguy - Like many applications of this type you probably don’t want to run it with root permissions so the location you chose is inappropriate (by default requires root permissions to write).

Instead I recommend creating a vuze directory somewhere in your /home partition (eg a subdirectory of Downloads). Because vuze is a java application, just move the entire application to your new location and you can execute from a console (my preference) or create a Desktop menu entry.


i downloaded VuzeInstaller.tar.bz2 from Vuze Bittorrent Client - The Most Powerful Bittorrent Software on Earth and extracted it and i ran the shell script from terminal


and it works
No need to put the files inside