Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen recording volume too low.

Dear Linux friends,
Was trying out the scarlett 2i2 for the first time on opensuse 15.2 with kernel 5.11.6-4.g3222af6-default.
It looks like the device is fully recognized, without extra kernel patches.

Made a recording with sox, audacity and cheese and was unable to get the recording volume up.
Input levels are set to the max (also asla mixer) and the meters look okay but still it is quite soft.

Have followed the module configuration from this page:

Anyone ran into this? Advises?
Read something about a ‘boost mic’ configuration with ALSA, but not sure if that is helpful or how to do it.

Kind regards,


Now that i have the test recording from yesterday attached to stereo boxes i notice that there is just one channel, so will try to remap it as mono device for now.

Please describe your microphone.

I don’t know what the cause is, but the problem is solved, maybe the firmware update, or kernel?

But suddenly I had lots of input volume, now the external mic is way louder than the internal mic with the Scarlett focusrite 2i2.

BTW: the mic is a CM4 cardioid condenser.


Phantom power: 12 - 48V (P48 recommended for best performance)

This mic needs phantom power. Check button “48V”, and maybe “Inst”.