Focus stealing from full screen apps

I’m new to suse but not to linux. I’ve noticed that when I launch a full screen game like TF2 there are several random occasions where my keyboard and mouse input are not received by the game. I think they are being stolen by the window management system. I used to have a similar issue on mint and ubuntu where I would notice a small portion of my normal window management system overlay the game before it started up and then I would lose clicks/keys/etc randomly until I restarted the game a few times. I see no such indication of when this focus stealing will occur on suse. I’m using KDE. Does anyone know about this issue and what I can do to solve it? I haven’t seen anything about it yet but I know it exists since I’ve reproduced it across several systems and also had window management systems and a windows partition that have had no problem, so it’s definitely not a hardware issue.