Fn-Keys SuSE 11.3 MSI M662

I’m looking to get some hotkeys on my laptop working.

Most do work (brightness,volume, display toggle)

but there are three that do not:
Fn+Touchpad (F3): I want to make this toggle the touchpad state. There are two issuses here:

  • The key appears in evtest as F22, but khotkeys says “this key is not supported”… so I will probably need to remap it first.
  • I don’t know the correct Dbus call to do this.

Fn+Sleep (F12) this Does generate a sleep keypress in evtest, but the system does not sleep (I have configured it to hibernate on pressing the “sleep” key in the power management settings).
I cannot suspend as my system hangs on resume, but hibernate works fine. It seems that the press is not being processed correctly.

Mail key- these are separate “easy access” buttons for mail, browser, wifi-kill and webcam-kill. All work except for mail; it behaves like the sleep key in that khotkeys accepts it as a shortcut, but does not execute the associated action. (/usr/bin/firerefox for diagnostic purposes; which is known to work with the “web” key).

Any thoughts or ideas? These are the last few little things that prevent me from having a fully-functional lappy with SuSE on it. (well, that and the suspend issue- but that’s been around forever)

This gets wierder… just installed keytouch to try and mess with these keys.
Added all three to the editor with their scancodes.

Configuring it, I set the programs appropriately. However, if I push the e-mail key, it executes the action associated with the “Sleep” key configuration… WTF?
(it IS labelled correctly in the keytouch layout). The other two (which are Fn+Fx) keys do nothing. Also, Fn+F12 does generate a “sleep” keycode in the keyboard event file, but not an event in another event file which is specifically for a “sleep” button.


If you are using /etc/X11/xorg.conf for setup, follow the instructions as given in the file,

Driver “kbd” will be disabled unless ‘Option “AutoAddDevices” “off”’

is set in “ServerFlags” section.

if you are using KMS, I don’t know.

For KMS can anyone help?