Fn key not working

hello friends my laptop is dell inspiron 6400 i installed opensuse 11.3 in this.
everything working fine.the problem is some keys are physicall not working(in suse and windows i have dual boot) due to this im unable to power on wifi in my laptop to power on it i have to press Fn+F2 keys simultaneously.but Fn key is notworkimng. i have one usb keyboard but it is not having Fn key.
so please help me to solve this problem
thanks in advance

So I have a Dell E6400 Laptop and I just followed this guide to load the Broadcom driver and no function keys are required. I made my changes at the terminal prompt per the readme document. I then made changes in YaST network setup, while set for ifup I then switched to NetworkManager. Finally, I loaded Kwallet to maintain my network password. It works and no fn key operation was required.

Broadcom.com - 802.11 Linux STA driver

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thanks for ur reply but im not able to understand the procedure.and i m some what poor in linux
so please explain in detail
once again thanks

So, as I understand it, you have never got your wireless to work, is that correct? Functions keys and Fn keys work, but not if the correct hardware driver is loaded. I understand you are new at Linux. However, I must ask that you look at the link I provided and download the Broadcom driver, either 32 or 64 bit, as you have installed for openSUSE and then download/capture the readme file and perhaps even print it out. This is a complete information on how to compile and load the correct wireless driver for your laptop. Get back with us once this is complete.

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friends in read me text its given only for fedora and ubuntu and im not understood the procedure
pls help me

So, I have done some searching on the dell inspiron 6400 and there is some info suggesting this uses an Intel Wireless card. Do you know the exact hardware number for your Wireless adapter? If you go to dell, what is the Windows Wireless adapter driver called? With this info on the dell inspiron 6400, we can determine the exact driver you need to use.

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