Fn-key in Suse 11.2 RC1

I’ve made a clean install of Suse 11.2 RC1 with KDE 4.3.1 on a Zepto Znote 6324W laptop with the latest BIOS.

After two days (and nights) of getting used to the new desktop and its programs I am exatidly happy. There is but one cloud on an otherwise blue sky: The Fn-key does not function.

Is there anybody with the same hardware that could confirm if this is a bug I should report?

While waiting for the final release you can use Keytouch.
Good luck.

Happily my Fn keys work. It’s the only way I can control brightness. Power Control is locked at dimmest setting.

Thank Yous for quick responses!

Keytouch is only good if the key gives a code. “xev” gives codes from all the function keys (F1, …, F11) but not from the Fn key.

caf4926: As Your Fn key functions, there might be something else than a bug.

I will continue to “google”.

I have a bug report in on PowerControl / PowerDevil

Will Your bug report cover my issue?

No. It’s addressing part of the kde system not hardware.