FM2A88X-ITX+ LAN issues

Hey everybody,

I have a bit of an issue. I wanted to install OpenSUSE on a little network server I’m putting together with the FM2A88X-ITX+ motherboard.
I started the live desktop tried a few things and also used the internet (OpenSUSE recognized both the ethernet port and the wifi adapter). However when I installed the OS to disk neither of the network devices were installed or recognized. I realise that the board is a bit new but how can the OS use something in live mode and then not use it after installation? o.o

Hopefully somebody can help me with this. Thank you!

Did you try configuring it in Yast?

Hey, sorry for not responding directly. I did have a look at the network devices in YaST but didn’t really know what to make of the readouts or how I could reconfigure anything there :confused: