Fluxbox opening programs as root instead of user ( ? )

The title may not be worded correctly but I’m not sure how to state it. A little info: I’m running the latest Fluxbox on openSUSE 11.1, and I’ve already edited the Menu to my preferences, but it seems to me that whenever I open a program from the right-click “RootMenu” it opens it as root user instead of User (me). Now, I’m new to Linux in general and my previous statement may sound dumb but I’m not sure how else to put it.

Example; I open a torrent file for openSUSE Live CD. Whenever I go to open the torrent file through either Ktorrent or Deluge it opens the program as root. The way I understand this is because the entire look of the program is different than when I normally open it in KDE4. In KDE4 it looks clean and displays with the colors as I selected. When I open the same program in Fluxbox (either by the previous method or by using fbrun) it appears the way it would if I were running as the root user.

Unless I’m mistaken? Does Fluxbox run a different theme (or whatever it’s called) like GTK or … I don’t know, Compiz… QT. I’m still not used to what everything is considered. All’s I know is that when I run the same exact program in KDE4 it looks the way I told it to look and when I run it through Fluxbox it looks the way it looks when I run it as root, like how I’d do it if I did a sudo or su first.

Any tips as to how to get Fluxbox to open programs the same way they open as in KDE4? Sorry if I made this sound more complicated then it needs to be.

I’d assume that you’re logged in as root to your fluxbox session. How do you login? via Display Manager (kdm, gdm, xdm) or do you use startx? From my perspective you just need to login with your regular user account.

When I installed openSUSE with KDE4 it specified automatic-login so I don’t have to type anything when my laptop starts. I’m the only one who uses it and I don’t usually have it on the internet so I’m not too worried. Anyway, when my computer boots up and it automatically logs into Fluxbox, I tried signing back out and going to the KDM screen and from there signing back in as my typical username (not root) but it still has the same affect. I’m just confused as to why there’s such a drastic change in appearance when I open an application in Fluxbox and when I open it in KDE.