flowblade for openSUSE


I just hear about “flowblade”](http://code.google.com/p/flowblade/)

I don’t see any way to install it under openSUSE (usually compiling such application is pretty hard)

any idea?


On 12/30/2012 02:46 PM, jdd wrote:
> (usually compiling such application is pretty hard)

but, you never know until you try (especially since it appears that no
compiling is required…

dd http://tinyurl.com/DD-Caveat

Like dd I have read

Flowblade is currently a 100% script application, and all the dependencies should be available in popular distributions, so in most cases it should be possible to install Flowblade without compiling anything.

And that is on a rather small page, how could you have missed that?

I stopped on the dependency list as it’s pretty long and as I just verifyed not all are available in openSUSE. I just have a partner in an other list that tried compiling mlt and I tried that myself witjhout luck, but some time ago.

So I could effectively download the python source (python is a special kind of script, for sure, but quite fast, and I like it a lot :-).

I found many dependencies, but not all (for example what are python-gnome2, gtk2-engine-pixbuf, and some other?), I know it’s most of the time a name problem (not the same name under debian/ubuntu and openSUSE). I have many video editors installed, so usually most deps are already filled.

So I could run flowblade and load a file in it. still I have to see if ity’s really usable. I will report eventually

thanks, your notes gave me the necessary clues :slight_smile: