floating point exception after kde 4.6 install

Hello :wink:

Could you help me understand why installing kde 4.6 from factory repos went wrong ?

i used zypper dup with oss, non-oss and update repos for 11.3 to reset to default install and boot went ok :

this goes with the following package versions:
$ kded4 --version
Qt : 4.6.3
KDE : 4.4.4 (KDE 4.4.4) “release 3”

i’m using this x86 kernel :
uname -a
Linux linux-66k9 #1 SMP PREEMPT 2010-12-13 11:13:53 +0100 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

i have last nvidia driver : 260.19.29.run installed from init3 console with geforce 7900gs card , this goes well.

my problem :
when i add factory repos (core and extra) for kde install of packages from yast is ok when switching system packages to these … but after reboot i have floating point exceptions and a black screen and can’ t boot anymore.

the only way out i found so far is to zypper dup to go back to kde 4.4.4 :frowning:

Where is this problem comming from ? How come ?

thanks :wink:

This is a problem with the latest NVIDIA driver and KDE. See if downgrading your NVIDIA driver to version 256.53 helps.

ok, i’ll try

And upgrade your KDE 4.4.4 to KDE 4.6.0.

it’s ok now, thanks :wink:

Sorry for this off topic post it was for other thread . Well my friend had the same problem with the same graphics card. Anyway thank you Ah7013 now it works.;):slight_smile:

+1 famous bars:)

You are both very welcome :slight_smile:

As you understand I use only AMD products so on nvidia I do not know much information. Anyway thank you!:slight_smile:

You can participate in Hellas subforum in your language and we will help you.

These advice I have given in my subforum unfortunately they are in Greek so If you want translate them ok?