flightgear crashes with pulseaudio

I had to use pulseaudio as nothing else worked. Even now no kde system sounds and:
Pls fix all sound for the next version!!!

michael@linux-os4n:~/Dokumente> fgfs --aircraft=b1900d
Assertion ‘m->n_waiting_for_accept > 0’ failed at pulse/thread-mainloop.c:221, function pa_threaded_mainloop_accept(). Aborting.

Hello mik334,

You are not giving us enough information.
So could you please tell us which version of openSUSE, FlightGear and PulseAudio you have?

Best of luck!:wink:

all uptodate. opensuse 11.2, also updated with defaault repos pulseaudio but without effect. And flightgear 2.0

now i’ve sound also in kde after “do not support pulseaudio” in the sound config->other.
I still have pulse not working with FG. With other planes ( concorde etc. ) i get messages alike:

creating 3D noise texture… AL lib: pulseaudio.c:386: Context did not get ready: Connection refused
Error: Audio device not available, trying default
AL lib: pulseaudio.c:386: Context did not get ready: Connection refused

I wonder what is could be? maybe this is killing alsa so
i had to use pulse?

michael@linux-os4n:~/Dokumente> dmesg | grep conflict
6.640695] ACPI: I/O resource 0000:00:1f.3 [0x400-0x41f] conflicts with ACPI region SMRG [0x400-0x40f]
michael@linux-os4n:~/Dokumente> ^C

Many thanks I’m really looking forward to get flying in Flightgear.

Hello mik334,

I’m not sure what the problem is.
But you can try to add your user to the group audio.
YaST->Security and Users->User and Group Management.
Click on your user and then on Edit.
Go to the tab Details and select audio in the list of Additional Groups.
Remember to logout and login again to apply the changes!

You can also test PulseAudio with the KDE System Settings.
System Settings->Multimedia->Audio Output->Music.
Select PulseAudio and click on test.

FlightGear can play sound with another sound device.
To see a list of available sound devices run:

fgfs --show-sound-devices

And then run this command:

fgfs --sound-device=<NUMBER>

If the things mentioned above didn’t work try running it without sound.
Run this command:

fgfs --disable-sound

Best of luck!:wink: