Flight gear installation problem

Installed Flightgear program using zypper command. Software management yast tool showed program installed but data package and documentation was unchecked. After installing those two packages I attempted to run but it is asking me for the folder where the data is located. Where did the data package get installed??? Thanks for any help

You can check via YaST software and select flightgear-data package and view the file list… I would guess /usr/share/flightgear/ :wink:

yes malcolmlewis thanks, but it turns out that I downloaded the latest version of the program and it gave me an incompatible older data set. not sure where to go from here.

So wherever you obtained the later program also should contain the data set?

So the right package failed to build, looks like it needs a trigger to kick off the build again…

Thank you Malcolmlewis for helping get that compilation update. I am not that far along in my skill set. Much appreciated!!!