Flatpak apps in KDE not using my chosen fonts after last system update

After the update to Tumbleweed 20230708 my Flatpak applications in KDE not longer respects my font choice (Inter). It does not seem to affect Qt apps.

My settings look like this:


Here’s Audacity showing the wrong font in the app (but not in the title bar):

Here’s a Qt app using the Inter font everywhere:

I should probably add that it could’ve been caused by my first ever flatpak update too.

So, just to be sure I’m clear on this …

The “Aud” I’ve highlighted in the Titlebar and the “Aud” in the toolbar don’t match (font wise) ?!?

(I’m either rwong or really old and don’t see the difference :slight_smile: )

They’re both sans serif fonts, but they’re different. :slightly_smiling_face:

I logged in and logged out and that resolved things. Should’ve done that before starting a thread…

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