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here’s the pest again. my question has to do with adobe flash player, flashplayer has come out with a critical update for flashplayer, i was wondering the best way to install the upgrade to foxfire, im running opensuse 11.2 kde 4.0 on an hp with 64 bit cpu and software, and 4 gig ram. also how do update to kde 4.4.4. thanks for the help, a lost newbie that asks for help instead of just screwing up the install.

yeldarbs1 wrote:
> has come out with a critical update for flashplayer

the best thing to do is open YaST, go Software Management, search on
flash and make sure you have the latest there…

i say that because a ‘critical’ security update came out about two (or
more) weeks ago, and you probably already have it installed (if you
run openSUSE Online Updater…

if not, get it now…with YaST…

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openSUSE 11.2 has ATM KDE 4.3.5 in the Update repos (and 4.3.1 in the OSS repos). Why do you want to go for 4.4.4 when you are not even up to date?