flashing mouse cursor crash on mulitmonitor system.

this is a continuation of my install from : my experiences installing suse ( graphics stuff was from page 3)

i have two graphics cards:
ATI X700 x16 pcie card in a x1 slot (one monitor, left)
NVidia GTX 7800 card in a x16 slot (two monitors, centre,right)

machine boots up on the ati card, and i had configured them properly in the last topic, so now the setup looks good except for when i move the mouse cursor from the Nvidia card, left, over to the Ati card. this causes the GUI to be not responsive andthe cursor is flashing, either on neither monitor or one of the two and moving the mouse decides which (so its not a complete crash, but nothing is moving in the GUI). pressing many keys on the keyboard at once seems to stop the X and goes back to the the commandline.

the last problem i had in the last topic was that the virtual screen was not defaulting at the screen resolution i set and instead defaulted at 3840x1920 and i saw the top corner of the wallpaper. moving the mouse over to the ati card would still produce a crash with the above description.

occaisionally the computer would crash with the same problem accross the nvidia monitors, however it always happens between the centre and left monitors.

i have installed the Nvidia drivers using a install program from the SUSe site and it put the relevent packages on. Ati drivers are whatever came with 11.3 (and these detected that the card has two outputs). if its the nvidia drivers i could go backā€¦ (how?) hopefully it can use the two monitors still else its better to remove the ati screen in xorg.conf.


it will have to be without the NVidia drivers as with them there is a constant 20% Cpu usage using it only. while trying to get the three working before it was as high as 50%. so now maybe getting the Nvidia card to work with either a non proprietry driver or the VESA one.


it could be this bug:
and added my details to it.

but because some people have actually gotten it to work (described in the other topic) then if i use non accelerator drivers it could go.

turns out that LeftOf is only half supported in Xorg (that should get fixed sooner or later). so i changed it all around so i only used RightOf and its ok now.

the cpu usage was due to widgets by Petri so removed them.