Flashdrive not reading entire Size

Hello everyone,

I have a Kingston 16GB Flash Drive ( the storage should show around 14.5 GB I believe).

When I right-click, and go to properties, it only shows a maximum size of about 6.5GB. I cleared the files off of it and formatted it, and it still reads as 6.5GB. It’s about a year old, but has not been used very much. I used it a few times to boot off of it, and run Linux ( …just to try new to me distros) but from the looks of it, there are no partitions that I forgot to take off. I haven’t even really used it that much since I got it.

Where did my storage space go?

How do I fix it?

Thanks in advance

Have you tried to create a new partition table for the whole device? You can do that in YaST’s Partitioner.

I will try it this evening, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: