Flashblock Firefox addon currently breaks Quicktime/Apple and Silverlight/Netflicks

Just a heads up.

I recently switched to Tumbleweed on my desktop and, after installing requisite multimedia packages etc., a quick test of functionality revealed that quicktime trailers (i.e. apple’s movie site) weren’t working in Firefox. Looking into it further today, I discovered that the culprit for this is the flashblock extension. Digging deeper, the internet reveals I’m not the only one to have noticed this, nor is the problem restricted to just quicktime, but also affects silverlight and possibly other stuff.

Hopefully that will get resolved soon.

Just install the latest flash.

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  1. This is a fully up-to-date system (i.e. installing the latest flash is not relevant). The problem is with the extension itself.
  2. This is a global problem (i.e. it is not restricted to Tumbleweed)