Flash Video causes 12.3 to crash

Hello altogether,

only since opensuse 12.3, I have problems with flash videos. When watching, the computer sometimes halts immediately. I don’t have any trace in /var/log/messages nor do I get an output from Firefox on console. This also happens in Chrome or Opera.

So far, I tried various flashplayer versions, that are shipped with the (standard?) repositories. I downgraded and upgraded. But I could solve the bug.

This bug actually just occurs with the flashplayer. Any other application, including video-players like Koffeine or VLC is running fine.

I used flashplayer the same way on version 12.2 and never experienced any trouble when running Google Chrome.

My specs:
AMD E-450 APU with Radeon 6320
opensuse 12.3 64bit

Can anyone suggest me how to get more information on this issue? Disabling hardware-acceleration (don’t want that…)? Or is this bug already reported, even though I can’t find anything on Google? May a kernel downgrade/upgrade help?

I will investigate this further and report anything I can find.

Many, many thanks in advance

PS Please don’t advice me to switch back to opensuse 12.2. The new release performs much better on my notebook with less power consumption.

You could try to install the proprietary fglrx driver and see if that helps:

Or try to disable hw acceleration in flash player. (right-click on a flash video, select Settings and uncheck “Enable hardware acceleration”)

Did you try disabling hardware acceleration in flash ? Note this old advice from Adobe themselves: Adobe Community: How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?

The recent history of flash support by Adobe is somewhat spotted: The future of Linux and Flash explained - It’s your fault

@wolfi323: flgx is not an option for me. I had it installed with 12.2 and the system was very, very buggy. Just when I switched top the open-source driver,the system became rock-solid. I can’t imagine these problems have been solved in the meantime.

@oldcpu: that blog post seems a bit over exaggerated for me =). But still, let’s hope HTML5 without DRM will become stronger in the near future…

I now disabled hw-acceleration. My first impression is, that the framerate of flash doesn’t seem to be affected. So it’s an usable option. I will report in a few days (after having watched tons of videos) if flash now works stable for me.

Thank you so far, for your very quick responses.