Flash Video and mouse motion

I 've seen this problem on other fora, but I’ll mention it anyhow, in case anyone else has dealt with it.

Occasionally, flash videos will stop playing unless I move the mouse. The picture stops altogether, sound works for about 2 seconds and then stops as well, until I move the mouse again.

The strange part is that this doesn’t happen all the time, just occasionally. I normally watch YouTube videos without any problem, but if the problem appears for one video, it will keep appearing for the rest until I restart my browser.

I am using Opera 10 build 4585 on an AMD Phenom II 810, with OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit. Graphics drivers and flash player are the latest available. I 've seen this mentioned for other OSs and other web browsers, so I am guessing it’s Flash’s problem.

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered / was able to fix it. I wonder why it doesn’t appear all the time, though.

Sounds like a powersave or screensave function, you need to disable all those

I hear ya, but, thing is, I didn’t let the PC go to standby. I kept working on other stuff till the video finished downloading, and then switched to Opera to see it. Could the powersave / standby settings affect the player even if the PC doesn’t reach these states?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I had the impression from your first comment that the computer was idle except for the video playing. Then the problem can start. The above comment just serves to confuse me I’m afraid.

Is this a Laptop or a Box?
Try disabling poweraving/screensaving/screenlocking

It’s a box. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let me clarify:

I start up Opera and get the video to start downloading by pressing play and then pausing after 1 sec. (I have a slow internet connection, so unless I first download the file, I will get constant interruptions while the player is buffering).

I then continue working on other stuff until the video has been fully downloaded (the progress bar is full).

After that, I closed all the other stuff and watched the video. Playback suffered from the mouse issue right from the start, before any powersaving interruption.

Other videos (e.g. YouTube) will let the screen go blank after the designated time interval, but will continue to play normally once I move the mouse (with NO problems).

Hope this is clearer!

Not much.

So is the issue with the downloaded videos.
What driver are you using for your graphics
What video player are you using

The video is embedded in the web page. I am using Flash 10 (latest version from Adobe), and the video drivers are ATI’s latest (9.8). The browser is opera. On other fora, I have seen the same problem with Firefox.

so by this statement:

I then continue working on other stuff until the video has been fully downloaded (the progress bar is full).

After that, I closed all the other stuff and watched the video.

You mean you watch the video in Opera. When you say downloaded, you really mean fully buffered.
You know there are extensions for FF like ‘DownloadHelper’ which will save a flash video for you to plat with VLC.
You may even find the fully buffered flash files in your Opera cache but you will need a big cache setting if you plan to save many like that.

Hey, I hadn’t thought of that! I found the video in Opera’s cache, and it plays fine with mplayer. I’ll use this if I ever encounter problems again! I don’t keep any of the videos and only download one at a time, so cache shouldn’t be a problem!

Thanks! Problem solved!

No worries;)