Flash + Tumbleweed + Firefox


I understand it’s probably been answered a million times, but search on f.o.o. keeps crashing on me.

I use Tidal streaming but need flash for it. Firefox doesn’t recognize any flash installed from Packman. Is there any workaround to making it work. In about:addons flash isn’t listed.


The current version of Firefox (i.e. in Tumbleweed) has deprecated Flash and many other proprietary plugins.
The ESR version (i.e. in Leap 42.2) still allows installation of Flash, Java and other “legacy” plugins for compatibility.

Then I’ll have to switch to something html5 friendly. Oh well…

Thanks Bruno!

flash works with Firefox if you download and install Firefox from the Mozilla website rather than from the TW repository. I set up a second Mozilla profile - you might have to do the same to get it to work. Get the flash-player package from packman.