Flash problems with ATI acceleration

I have found problems running some games flash in Mozilla 4, Flash 10.2 and ATI driver, the image has no sequence, blinking between the white and the original image, someone has gone through this?

It’s a flash player problem for linux, especially 64 bit version.
As I am flex developer I always keep 10.1 r45 near, as this is the only one not causing any problems. Send me an e-mail in msg, and if you wish I can send it to you. It is a debugger version, however, and you may see error dialog if there are some errors in flash code.

Also i had this problem, but now it has been already solved. You have not problems with ati drivers, but only a flash problem. As I know it is a library who you need. Emil knows about it.

I downgrade flash to version 10.1 and now its works fine.

Keep it in backup and taboo (protect) flash in software manager so it don’t get updated.

Daniel. se você precisa ajuda em português, pode perguntar sempre.

Emil, você poderia me passar a versão de debug do flash? Ainda estou tendo problemas em alguns sites.

email: d_an_ie_l@yahoo.com, daniel.menezes@sydle.com

mandado. Não esquece bloquear “protect” flash player no Yast… voce não quer que ele seja atualizado.