Flash plugin differences compared to Kubuntu?

Hi. I’ve noticed since switching from Kubuntu 10.04 to openSUSE 11.3 on my laptop that the Adobe Flash plugin seems much more prone to crash and fullscreen video playback (e.g. Hulu) performs terribly. I can’t figure out what’s different between the distros. In both cases, I’m using a 64-bit OS, Firefox and KDE, and the proprietary NVIDIA driver. Anyone know what might be happening, or more importantly, how to improve Flash stability and performance on 64-bit openSUSE? Thanks.

So, did you know that there is only a 32 bit version of Adobe Flash that you can install? Use the following site to determine the version you have loaded and to test your flash:

Adobe - Flash Player

The latest Flash version is said to be:, but you may be using some sort of compatible version like gnash (which reports 10,1,999,1), which may not work as well for you. Go to Tools / Addons / Plugins to see what versions you have installed.

If Flash support is important, you might consider dropping back to a 32 bit version of Firefox or switch to a 32 bit desktop. There was a beta 64 bit version of flash that was out for a while which might have been in your other version of Linux or you had loaded the 32 bit version.

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Yes, it’s the real Adobe Flash, not Gnash, version

Hmm, I’m wondering if Kubuntu was using 32-bit Firefox and maybe that’s why I didn’t see these problems. Is there a way to install the 32-bit version of Firefox on 64-bit openSUSE using the repos?

Can’t say that I’ve had any problems with 32-bit flash on 64-bit openSUSE (it works using a wrapper). Did you use the openSUSE flashplayer in the distro or do it the hard way, install from an Adobe package?

rhasselbaum: Yes, it’s the real Adobe Flash, not Gnash, version
If you have the correct version of Flash, then there is nothing to fix. If you wanted to try to downgrade to all 32 bit, open Software Management in YaST. Search for Firefox and go to the versions Tab. Select the i568 version from the same repository as your 64 bit version came from. You may need to downgrade EVERYTHING that runs in Firefox to 32 bit for this to work and so I am NOT RECOMMENDING you take this path.

I might suggest that you revisit Tools / Addons / Plugins and disable everything but Flash and see if the problem persists. I would write done everything that was enabled first. It is possible that other addins are causing this problem for you. If the video stops working at all, then it is being handled by another plugin you did not know about and the problems is not with Flash.

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