flash-plugin- disable on Suse 11.1

Firefox 3.0.4 can’t find flash-plugin-

What’s the problem? Just download the flash player from the SUSE repository and install the latest firefox (3.0.5) update while you’re at it

Still in trouble mate.
Installed Flassplugin10. But not working still.
I see it is installed in /usr/lib/flashplugin/

any ideas?

Did you install the one from the repositories? That one should work immediately after installation.
If you installed the version from the Adobe you’ll still have to create symbolic links into your browser plugins folder which is /usr/lib/browser-plugins and Opera and Firefox will automatically use that flash player plugin.

flash-player form suse repos, doesn’t work for me too, neither in ff or opera or konqeror :frowning: don’t like this release :frowning: i think it is time to use an another distro. >:( (i’m try to use 11.1 86_64)

Same here, got issues with flash and java plugins not woking under Firefox 3.0.5. All plugins and Firefox were downloaded from suse repo.

the same here, plugin does not work… i am using 11.1 64bit

ok, i think it is problem with suse package. I just downloaded FF from the web site, and then added flash lib to plugins directory and it works fine. The same with opera…

I don’t know if it’s Suse or Firefox 3.x.x, but I have to make symlinks from the applicable plugin directory to /usr/lib/browser-plugins for my plugins to work.

I downloaded the rpm from Adobe and installed it without error. BUT, firefox didn’t see it until I did this:
ln -s /usr/lib/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/browser-plugins/libflashplayer.so

I had to do the same for the Citrix ICA client plugin which installs its plugin in /opt/netscape or something similar. Opera looks in that folder, so it found the plugin without additional steps. Firefox only seems to look in /usr/lib/browser-plugins or some folder that symlinks to it…

…Parting shot-I don’t have to do any command line steps for plugins to work in Ubuntu. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have two drives I have 11.1 instlled on. On one drive I created the synthetic link and flash player worked just like it should. However on my other HD that I installed the new 11.1 release I created the synthlink mentioned above and it does not work. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I have to say I am reach a despreat point

I’m having the same problem, can’t install Flash (it says it’s already installed.)

Since this is a critical feature for a lot of people, I’m wondering where clear and concise info (as in step-by-step, assuming nothing) is posted. For example,“go to the repository” isn’t helpful for a person who has not been there. And when you go to ADOBE, most posts fail to mention their are three versions and RPM is the one to get. Then there is the “you’ve got to create symbolic links.” I say, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

This is the kind of stuff that keeps a distro in a narrow world of Gurus!

If you are on 32 bit make sure these packages are installed:
flash-player i586
libflashsupport i586
libidn i586

If you are on 64 bit make sure these packages are installed:
flash-player i586
libflashsupport-32bit x86_64
nspluginwrapper x86_64
libidn x86_64
libidn-32bit x86_64

Have a look in this thread. It will hopefully explain things and get flash working.