Flash Player won't support PPC Linux?

I am not sure if I am right about this. It seems that Flash Player only works on Intel PCs? I have eMac that has PPC, is that the reason that Flash Player won’t run on PPC?

If there is a way to install Flash Player on eMac with PPC, I would like to know how.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Let me google that for you

it would probably be quite easy for macromedia (adobe) to recompile the flash plug in for PowerPC, but after many requests and petitions they have not. as it is not open source no one else can do it for them. you could try convincing them that PowerPC linux is a worthwhile platform to port to, but you wouldn’t be the first. maybe things will change post merger.

They are too lethargic and it really took a long time to release the 64bit versions for Linux.