Flash player will not work!!

Running OpenSuse 10.3 with latest required patches.
Firefox web browser 3.0.1
Attempting to listen to music and videos on sites (which I have been doing successfully, daily) such as Pandora, Break.com videos, now does not work as all…
Things have been working so so, since updating the browser to v3.0, however, I have had to reinstall the flash player plugin numerous times. It is as if the info just gets lost.
Now however, after having updated to 3.0.1, it seems not to work at all!!
Any and all assistance with resolving this is greatly appreciated!!

you also could try a new webbrowser: opera?
because i would not know what the problem is with firefox… maybe somone else:)?

i have two questions,
fisrt: the opera or konquero doesnt have this problem, with adoble player?

second: someone know, when this problem is possible resolv?

does firefox have a way to tell you where it is looking for the plugins? Does it actually go to the right one for finding flash player.

I know in Opera you may need to get it set up to find the right directory for some plugins if the default locations where it was installed weren’t ones that Opera naturally looks in.

Hopefully a firefox user can come help you if the problem is something different then this. I know with Opera the only time I get trouble in playing video files it seems was due to not having the codec or I had to tell it where the codec was located and restart the browser so it would load when it restarted

Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit?
Follow this guide and see if you can get flash working.

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