Flash Player Test Page Crashing

I know that something is wrong with my Flash Player installation because it crashes when I navigate to the Flash Player Test page.

–openSuse 11.3
–Firefox 3.6.17
–Flash Player installed at /usr/lib/browser-plugins/libflashplayer.so

Any advice is welcomed.

Is the crashing limited to the test page or does it happen with all flash?
32 or 64 bit
And if _64, is flash 32 or 64 bit

On 06/26/2011 06:06 AM, imterpsfan2 wrote:
> when I navigate to the Flash Player Test page.

which Flash test page?
i ask because http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ tells me my
11.4 with latest installed and updated (via YaST Online Update) is
running which is significantly different than yours!

> --openSuse 11.3
> --Firefox 3.6.17
> --Flash Player installed at

so, i wonder if have you run YaST Online Update lately??


on 11.3 64 bit & 64 bit flash
the adobe page works in ff 3.6.17-64 bit and seamonkey2.1-64 bit

if you are using the VERY old --Flash Player

then UPDATE your system – NOW .

imterpsfan2 wrote:

> --Flash Player installed at
On my 11.3 systems flashplayer is and there is nothing
special to it, it is the current version from the non-oss repository.
How did you install your flashplayer, the standard security updates do not
pull in such an old one as you have.

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